Group Descriptions - July Competitive Training

July Competitive Training (10 - 28 years old)

What:  Summer training for the month of July for swimmers to stay in touch with the water and maintain fitness.

Who:  Goldfins swimmers invited to W3-G18 for the 2024-2025 swim season and any out of town swimmers with competitive swim experience.

When: Monday-Friday July 8-26, 2024.  Arrival 8:30 am, outdoor dry-land 8:45-9:45 am, swim 10am - 12noon.  Pick up at 12noon.

Description: The camp will be lead by Coach Gary and Coach Ted.  Swimmers will be divided into groups based on their ability and not necessarily by their registration group for the fall.  Swimming will comprise of stroke improvement and speed sets.

Cost: 3x/week $220, 5x/week $330

As of 7/13/2024 3:30:49 AM Canada Central Standard Time