The Goldfins Swimmers Dive into the Excitement of Western Championships!

March 20, 2024


The Saskatoon Goldfins Winter Championship Season continues as the team heads to Winnipeg, MB to participate in the 2024 Western Canadian Championships at the Pan Am Pool from March 21 to 24, 2024.

The Goldfins will be represented by 14 swimmers, including Sami Benning, Abby Gebhardt, Nicole Godbout, Avery Houle, Claire Huber, Isabel Magus, Rebeka Mourre, Jaclyn Szutiak, Keiran Dyck, Ian Genest, Holden Lees, Andrew Nghiem, Obi Nguyen, and Bryce Tierney, along with Head Coach Steven Hitchings and Team Manager Kae-Lynn Gebhardt.

2024 Speedo Western Canadian Championship Schedule:

  • Preliminaries at 9:00 AM & Finals at 5:30 PM – CDT

Thursday, March 21, 2024:

  • 200M Freestyle: Keiran Dyck
  • 100M Backstroke: Nicole Godbout
  • 200M Breaststroke: Abby Gebhardt, Ian Genest, Holden Lees, Bryce Tierney
  • 400M Freestyle Relays:
    • Goldfins Female A: Rebeka Mourre, Sami Benning, Jaclyn Szutiak, Isabel Magus
    • Goldfins Female B: Nicole Godbout, Abby Gebhardt, Avery Houle, Claire Huber
    • Goldfins Male A: Keiran Dyck, Bryce Tierney, Holden Lees, Obi Nguyen
  • 1500M Freestyle (M): Keiran Dyck

Friday, March 22, 2024:

  • 100M Freestyle: Isabel Magus
  • 50M Backstroke: Nicole Godbout, Jaclyn Szutiak, Andrew Nghiem, Bryce Tierney
  • 100M Breaststroke: Abby Gebhart, Avery Houle, Keiran Dyck, Holden Lees, Bryce Tierney
  • 50M Fly: Sami Benning, Isabel Magus, Rebeka Mourre, Obi Ngueyn
  • 400M IM: Keiran Dyck
  • 800M Freestyle Relays:
    • Goldfins Female A: Nicole Godbout, Claire Huber, Sami Benning, Rebeka Mourre
    • Goldfins Female B: Isabel Magus, Abby Gebhardt, Avery Houle, Jaclyn Szutiak
    • Goldfins Male A: Andrew Nghiem, Ian Genest, Obi Nguyen, Keiran Dyck

Saturday, March 23, 2024:

  • 400M Freestyle: Keiran Dyck
  • 100M Fly: Isabel Magus, Keiran Dyck
  • 50M Breaststroke: Abby Gebhardt, Avery Houle, Claire Huber, Isabel Magus, Holden Lees, Bryce Tierney
  • 200M Backstroke: Bryce Tierney
  • 400M Medley Relays
    • Goldfins Female A: Jaclyn Szutiak, Abby Gebhardt, Rebeka Mourre, Isabel Magus
    • Goldfins Female B: Nicole Godbout, Avery Houle, Sami Benning, Claire Huber
    • Goldfins Male A: Bryce Tierney, Holden Lees, Keiran Dyck, Obi Nguyen

Sunday, March 24, 2024:

  • 200M Fly: Keiran Dyck
  • 50M Freestyle: Isabel Magus, Obi Ngueyn
  • 200M IM: Keiran Dyck, Andrew Nghiem
  • 400M Mixed Medley Relays:
    • Goldfins A: Jaclyn Szutiak, Holden Lees, Keiran Dyck, Isabel Magus
    • Goldfins B: Bryce Tierney, Abby Gebhardt, Rebeka Mourre, Obi Nguyen
    • Goldfins C: Nicole Godbout, Andrew Nghiem, Ian Genest, Sami Benning



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Go Goldfins Go!