PIZZA and Personal Bests at the 2023 Little Caesars Fall Fun Meet & Friday Night at the Races

March 24, 2024


The Saskatoon Goldfins Swim Club hosted the first Little Caesars Fun Meet of the 2024 swim season, Friday, November 24, 2023, at the Shaw Centre, Saskatoon, SK.  This swim meet featured events for the Junior Goldfins swimming lesson program and for the Goldfins competitive swim club – Friday Night at the Races competitive event.  At this swim meet, the Goldfins Swim Club hosted 112 Junior Goldfins swimmers and 41 Goldfins competitive swimmers who competed in 14 events.  Goldfins swimmers posted 355 personal best times.

Congratulations to the Junior Goldfins and Goldfins competitive swimmers who posted 100% personal best times: Erioluwa Agbejule, Inioluwa Agbejule, Nicole Aimuan, Quinn Anholt, Adelaide Bartlett, Everly Bartlett, Harper Bear, Allie Berscheid, Emily Berscheid, Oliver Bi, Thomas Bourassa, Briana Boyko, Jasper Boyko, Finley Bruce, Archer Chalmers, Mia Crandall, Isabella Cressman, Austin Davis, Max Day-Wiggins, Vivienne Day-Wiggins, Tessa Diaz Donovan, Robyn Diederichs, James Ellis, Malak Emara, Arya Engel-Mathison, Sawyer Frith, Alice Fu, Claire Gerich, Cora Giblin, Steven Goncharov, Miller Gotto, Summer Gullacher, Jane Gunn, Theresa Gunn, Ava Gursky, Fynn Hankewich, Sawyer Hankewich, Everly Haver, Rayna Haver, Emmy Hoffmann, Lev Kardynal, Harriette Kastanya-Pappas, Grayson Keays, Landon Kennedy, Ariah Kent-Rodgman, Otis Koroll, Ronan Lange, Erik Larson, Ha Le, Zoe Liakopoulos, Lucas Li, Katie Longjohn, Rosalie Madzair, Magali Marchildon, Louie Masich, Palmer Masich, Oscar Metz, Sasha Miller, Blaise Mitchell, Haia Mohamed, Atticus Mowat, Avyn Munshaw, Lan Nguyen, Eigen Pascua, Ivy Peters, Natalie Pham, Layla Phung, Zachary Rans, London Ratzlaff, Brady Roy, Abby Ryback, Caitlyn Samonte, Carson Sereda-Wosminity, Malak Shehata, Phillip Shorte, Alec Sothilingam, Will Sothilingam, Shay Sullivan, Chloey Sun, Abigail Takagi, Lucas Tse, Reese Veikle, Russell Wailing, Sloan Wailing, Mariah Weber, Daniel Xie, Norah Yeung and Hannah Yonkman.

Top 3 Most Improved Junior Goldfins Bronze Group Events:

Leilani Hitchings                      25 Backstroke             “-33.40”           37.8% Improvement

Summer Gullacher                  25 Backstroke             “-25.50”           37.6% Improvement

Nicole Aimuah                         25 Freestyle                “-24.66”           36.0% Improvement


Top 3 Most Improved Junior Goldfins Silver Group Events:

Liam Veikle                             50 Freestyle                “-46.16”           36.9% Improvement

Esmee Crandall                      25 Backstroke             “-21.29”           36.6% Improvement

Zachary Rans                         50 Freestyle                “-25.94”           28.3% Improvement


Top 3 Most Improved Junior Goldfins Gold Group Events:

Brady Roy                               50 Backstroke             “-50.09”           45.1% Improvement

Jasper Boyko                          50 Backstroke             “-40.53”             34.9% Improvement

Zoe Liakopoulos                     50 Backstroke             “-40.09”             34.7% Improvement


Top 3 Most Improved Goldfins Competitive Groups Events:

Briana Boyko                          50 Freestyle                “21.33”             38.5% Improvement

Vanessa Godbout                   50 Breaststroke            “-24.97””          30.0% Improvement

Sidney Goodwin                      50 Fly                          “21.11”             28.9% Improvement



In addition to competitive swimmers racing for place and for posting personal best, swimmers attempt to achieve provincial time standards, based on their age group.  It is a way to track the swimmers’ progress and to determine how their performance compares with swimmers across the province.  The following swimmers posted new unofficial provincial time standards:

Swim Saskatchewan AA Short Course Provincial Time Standards:

Shay Sullivan                          50 Freestyle

Carson Sereda-Wosminity      50 Freestyle & 50 Backstroke


Swim Saskatchewan A Short Course Provincial Time Standards:

Avyn Munshaw                       50 Freestyle & 50 Backstroke

Briana Boyko                          50 Freestyle

Reese Veikle                           50 Freestyle

Katie Longjohn                        50 Fly & 50 Breaststroke

Lan Nguyen                            50 Fly

Inioluwa Agbeljule                   50 Fly & 50 Breaststroke

Clara Lane                              50 Backstroke

Ava Gursky                             50 Backstroke

Emmy Hoffmann                     50 Breaststroke

Harper Bear                            50 Breaststroke

Abigail Gauld                          50 Breaststroke

Miller Gotto                             50 Breaststroke

Kyla Butterworth                     50 Breaststroke

An Nguyen                              50 Breaststroke

Phillip Shorte                           50 Breaststroke


*The Little Caesars Fun Meets/Friday Night at the Races are non-sanctioned swim meets.  Therefore, results are compared to swimmers' previous bests that are logged in the Goldfins Swim  Test Database.



Congratulations to the Fall Fun Meet Door Prize Winners:

Bronze: Aiden Tandukar

Silver: Lucas Li

Gold: Ruby Chovan


Top 3 Results from the Little Caesars 2023 Fall Fun Meet/Goldfins Friday Night at the Races:

Mixed 50M Freestyle Demonstration Event: 1st – Carson Sereda-Wosminity, 2nd – Landon Kennedy, 3rd – Mariah Weber

Mixed 100M Freestyle: 1st – Mia Crandall, 2nd – Aishleen Mundi, 3rd – Palmer Masich

Mixed 25M Freestyle: 1st – Victoria Dickson, 2nd – Simrin Virdi, 3rd – Steven Goncharov

Mixed 50M Freestyle: 1st – Jasper Latus, 2nd – Louie Masich, 3rd – Sophia Nesteroff

Mixed 50M Fly: 1st – Inioluwa Agbejule, 2nd – Katie Longjohn, 3rd – Phillip Shorte

Mixed 50M Backstroke Demonstration Event: 1st – Carson Sereda-Wsominity, 2nd – Landon Kennedy, 3rd – Mariah Weber

Mixed 50M Backstroke: 1st – Palmer Masich, 2nd – Aishleen Mundi, 3rd – Mia Crandall

Mixed 25M Backstroke (Silver): 1st – Zachary Rans, 2nd – Jasper Latus, 3rd – Louie Masich

Mixed 25M Backstroke (Bronze): 1st – Victoria Dickson, 2nd – Quinn Anholt, 3rd – Steven Goncharov

Mixed 50M Breaststroke: 1st – Inioluwa Agbejule, 2nd – Lan Nguyen, 3rd – Phillip Shorte

Mixed 25M Freestyle Kick: 1st – Victoria Dickson, 2nd – Rosalie Madziar, 3rd – Erik Larsen

Mixed 50M Freestyle Kick (Gold): 1st – Cora Giblin, 2nd – Samuel Munshaw, 3rd – Norah Young

Mixed 50M Freestyle Kick (Silver): 1st – Lucas Li, 2nd – Natalie Pham, 3rd – Sawyer Hankewich

Mixed 50M Freestyle Kick (Goldfins W3 & B12): 1st – Lan Nguyen, 2nd – Miller Gotto, 3rd – Katie Longjohn



The Saskatoon Goldfins would like to sincerely thank the 2023 – 2024 Fun Meet sponsor – Little Caesars Pizza.  Lana Makari and her Little Caesars team family generously provided pizza and sweet treats for over 220 swimmers, volunteers and coaches after the meet.

The donation of this delicious pizza and desserts capped off an amazing evening of competition.  Young swimmers demonstrated their competitive swimming skills that they will continue to develop in the Junior Goldfins – Learn to Race Program.  The Goldfins’ Coaching Staff would like to congratulate the swimmers for dedicated practice of these skills and of their improved racing tactics. 

The Saskatoon Goldfins would like to thank all the volunteers, coaches, and swimmers for their tremendous efforts in ensuring these Fun Meets continue to be a remarkable success.   A special thanks to the Senior Goldfins Officials: Randall Keays – Meet Referee, Ryan Lejbak – Starter, Stephanie Peachey – Clerk of Course, Recorder/Scorer – Tori Veikle, Kendra Smith & Kelli Keays – Clock, Tracey Kennedy – Chief Judge of Electronics, Ryan MacGillivrary – Chief Finish Judge and to Dwight Grayston – Chief Timer.

Little Caesars 2023 Fall Fun Meet/FNR Results

Please note that the Junior Goldfins Program will be taking a break over the Holiday Season – December 22, 2023 – January 4, 2024.  Lessons will resume on Friday, January 5, 2024.