Goldfins Swimmers of the Month - March 2024

April 18, 2024


Minau Burrows (White 1): Minau has demonstrated remarkable progress and commitment to the White 1/2 Group this season. Despite her small stature, she has displayed determination and has dedicated significant effort to both practice sessions and swim meets. This was evident in her recent achievement of clinching 1st place and being recognized as the most improved 10 & Under Female at the 2024 Junior Provincial Championships. Well done, Minau, keep up the fantastic work!



Keiran Dyck (Gold 18): Keiran has been awarded the prestigious title of Male Swimmer of the Month for his remarkable achievements throughout March. Juggling an intensive training regimen alongside the demands of high school, Dyck emerged as a standout figure on both local and national stages.

Throughout the month, Dyck exhibited an unparalleled work ethic, clocking in an impressive tally of 10 rigorous training sessions per week. However, it was his exceptional performance in key competitions that truly distinguished him as a force to be reckoned with in the swimming community.

Dyck's dominance was evident at the Manitoba/Saskatchewan Provincial Championships, where he not only clinched victory in the 15-17 boys high point category but also secured his berth in Canadian Swimming Trials for the 200m butterfly event. Undeterred by the grueling training and competition schedule, Dyck further showcased his mettle at the Western Canadian Championships, seizing a bronze medal in the fiercely contested 400m Freestyle while securing yet another spot in the Canadian Swimming Trials, this time for the 1500m Freestyle.

In a testament to his grit and determination, Dyck demonstrated remarkable stamina by racing a staggering total distance of 8250 meters across both competitions, a feat that underscored his unparalleled dedication to the sport. With only a 10-day interval between the two demanding events, Dyck exhibited not only physical prowess but also mental fortitude, illustrating a resolute determination to excel.

Keiran Dyck's remarkable achievements in March stand as a testament to his unyielding determination, and unwavering commitment to excellence in the realm of competitive swimming. Making waves both locally and nationally, Dyck remains an inspiration for other aspiring Goldfins swimmers.